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Creating an exceptional user experience is the cornerstone upon which the FIN from Fins-Up is built. All at once, the FIN is a stand, handle, and more, and makes a superior user experience even better.

The FIN provides high quality craftsmanship, exceptional materials, enhanced ergonomics, and a more pleasant computing experience. Check out these beneficial features and then treat your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air (2012-2013) or MacBook to the best: treat it to the FIN.

The FIN is available for the following:
All MacBook/MacBook Pro Unibody models,
MacBook Pro Retina models,
MacBook Air (2012 - 2013) models,
MacBook Pro Non-Unibody and
all MacBook models

Exceptional Materials

Each FIN is constructed from high-quality, aircraft grade aluminum. This ensures your FIN not only has the strength to support your machine, but the durability to provide countless years of service.

Easy to Install

The FIN doesn’t use glue, tape, or other materials that damage the finish of your machine. A few supplied screws that go into existing holes on the bottom of your Mac notebook is all it takes to easily install and remove your FIN in a breeze.

Get a Grip

The FIN serves as a convenient handle that not only makes carrying easier, but much safer by providing an area for a firm grip, thereby helping prevent drops that can severally damage or altogether destroy your Mac notebook.

Stand at Attention

When installed, your FIN tilts your Mac notebook at the perfect ergonomic angle for both typing and viewing. The FIN makes using your Mac notebook more enjoyable and less tiresome.

Now Playing

We doubt it, but just in case you need a little more convincing, check out this QuickTime movie starring the FIN. Click to play movie.

Bye-bye Unwanted Heat

The FIN assists with the dissipation of processor generated heat, increasing the life and longevity of your Mac notebook in the process.

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